We're just getting started on the Schedule, but if you'd like to be an official game director, please email Christy Park or Kyle Puttkammer.
Listed below are the offical game gatherings being offered.
Join in and make GCQIII the best!

We are proud to announce our headline game event!vent

Saturday December 30th - 2006 Dungeons & Dragons® Miniatures Limited Championship Qualifier!
Format: D&D Minis Limited, Assault format.
Modified Swiss rounds - - run the required number of rounds based on attendance
8 players 4 rounds 9-16 players 5 rounds 17-32 players 6 rounds 33-64 players 7 rounds p Qualifier!
1 case for prize support!
$5 plus the purchase price of the sealed-deck product.

Directors - Jason Marella & Alex Myford


Duel Masters
- 10am $5 entry
Yu-gi-oh - 1pm $10 entry (Major pack & promo prizes)
Zatchbell - 7pm $5 entry


World of Warcraft - 1pm $5 entry with $100 total cash prize!

Monday - Draft day!

3pk x $2 special sale on Duel Masters! - 11am
3pk Yu-gi-oh - 3pm
6pk World of Warcraft (if available) - noon

Here's what Ihave so far...by the way,this is roman,regarding the halo tourney for GCQIII. I have 4 different sub tournaments that would work

1.main slayer tourney(slayer is the main,generic play mode,basically deathmatch)
highest entry fee,biggest prize

2.capture the flag team tourney,teams of 3 for best gameplay.smaller entry fee and prize,but per person,team prizes

3. 2 on 2 team tourney,all teams of 2.entry fee per person rather than per team for bigger prize support

4.swat tourney,free for all special game type,quite popular.smallest fee and prize due to all individuals

I'm open to suggestions for fee's and prize.

All the tournaments should be on a single elimination grid. Consolation prizes for things such as best teamwork,best sportsmanship,best hit percentage/aim,ect. should be given out at the end to keep the eliminated people interested,and to keep them from leaving once out. I'm working on the tournament grid system,but I dont have any way of showing you over e-mail, I can show you in person on friday or saturday. please send feedback, your awesomest customer, Roman Ryan

It’s Alex Myford, Yu-gi-oh judge/Tournament Organizer.

Entrance Fee: $10 Entrance Perks (Basically what we give them for signing up):
1 x pack of the current booster (Current Booster is going to be Cyberdark Impact)
1 x Promo Card (Dragon Master Knight)
Times: 1:00pm-6:00pm (maybe until 7:00pm)

Prizes: 1st Place: 1 x 1st place trophy 1 x box of current booster (Current Booster is going to be Cyberdark Impact) 3 x Promo Cards

2nd Place 1 x 2nd place trophy 12 x packs of current booster (“”) 2 x Promo Cards

3rd Place: 1 x 3rd place trophy 6 x packs of current booster (“”) 1 x Promo Card
4th – 8th places: 2 x packs of current booster (“”)

All others: 1 x pack of current booster So basically everyone that enters will receive at least 2 packs for the entrée fee as well as a promo.
For the trophies, we can probably get them custom made from a trophy shop…

As for the Organization, I will organize it with the program (mantis) provided by upperdeck…for judging, I will probably find a head judge (Level 3, hopefully) and then there will be side judges. I will provide for them all the rules and regulations that they need to know…If I can’t find a head judge, I will be it(would like to be, anyway).

Alex Myford

Mad Scientist University

Mad Scientist University is a party game for 3-7 people, and a fun and creative way to find out how you and your friends think. The students essentially have to describe how they would use weird stuff to attain weird goals, and their performance is judged accordingly. How would you take over the world using slugs? Have you ever had any great ideas on utilizing aluminum cans to find a roommate? Do you want to know how to split the atom with pizza? If you have a sinisterly creative mind, you should enroll in Mad Scientist University! Put your evil genius to work!

8 competitions for copies of the game: 3 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday, 1 on Monday, and then a 'grand finale' between the winners. Noon/six/midnight, as long as I'm doing the late-night thing with everyone else.

We can be found at http://www.raidingpartygames.com, and the best game overview (with images) is at http://www.raidingpartygames.com/msu.htm .


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