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2010 Nov 13th -
100 copies of Galaxy Man comics sell at Savannah Children's book festival. Production of issue #4 nears completion.

2010 Oct 31st - Record breaking attendance for our 3rd Yugioh regional qualifier. 200 people show up at the Lawrenceville store!

2010 Sept 3rd-6th -
Galactic Quest returns to Dragon Con. Our directors help people play and learn Yugioh, Wow, Dominion, and many other card games at Dragon Con.

Summer of concerts -
Our concerts continue! Extrodinary Contraptions (July 24th), Radio Cult and Semsimelia (Aug 21st), Permanate Waves (Aug 7th) and more.

Summer of Galaxy Man appearances -
Our comic creation becomes more popular and costumed appearances are in demand! Allen & I do artist appearances at...
Barefoot in the Park (May 8th & 9th), Fanaticon in Ashville NC (May 15th), Heroes Con (June 4th-6th), and the Suwanee Book Festival (Aug 28th & 29th).

2010 May 1st -
Free Comic Book Day! One of the best days in our store's history. More first time readers, more books given away, more music and costumes! The most fun we've ever had in one day. Thank you everyone for coming out! Galaxy Man even made his TV debut on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta.

2010 April 11th -
Yugioh regional qualifier brings huge turnout. 130 people attend.

2010 March 20th & 21st -
Galactic Quest provides CCG services to Momocon.

2010 March 16th -
kidscomics.com is launched as a direct result of our requests to Diamond to increase awareness of All Ages comics. Check out this excellent resource for parents, schools, and libraries.

2010 Jan 22nd -
The Galaxy Man costume debutes in Savannah.

New Years concert -
Radio Cult performs at the Lawrenceville store and finishes out the year in a rockin' way!


2009 - Sept - Dragon Con CCG doubles in size! Galactic Quest continues to provide excellent service to convetions as the collectible card games continue to grow.

2009 - May 31st -
Yu-gioh Regional Qualifier. 110 people attend!

2009 - May 2nd -
Free Comic Book Day! A wonderful success and the release of Galaxy Man issue #2.

2009 - April 4th -
Andy Womack performs in Lawrenceville. As the summer goes along, our music venue hosts many new performers.

2009 - March 14th & 15th
- Galactic Quest runs all the CCG events at Momocon! Over 5,000 people attend and the gaming has plenty of room for growth.

2009 - Feb 28th -
local band "Breakdown" performs in Lawrenceville.

2009 - Feb 23rd - Galaxy Man #1 release party! Monday nights are a huge attraction with artists and creative folks from all over visiting. The official release of our very own comic has been very well received.

2009 - Feb 21st -
Epic tcg prerelease.

2009 - Jan 31st -
Magic the Gathering Conflux Prerelease attracts 25+ players for two sessions.

2009 - Jan 21st
- Our new sign is installed in Lawrenceville!sign

2009 - Jan 17th -
Our first solo musical performer, Mathew Trautwein is showcased in our Lawrenceville store. The music venue is on it's way! Over the course of the summer, Matthew performs his "20 songs in 2 hours" show monthly.

2009 - January -
The year kicks off with our biggest selling comic ever! Amazing Spider-man #583 features newly elected Barack Obama on the cover. New customers discover us all month long!


2008 - Dec 20th - Lost Boys CD release party! 70 people gather to "Rock the Comic Shop" as our new Lawrenceville location hosts it's first in store concert. Our new "Houses & Humansrandom" mural is unveiled!

2008 - Nov - Black Friday (and Saturday)- Our first Zombie game day! All the gamers avoided the malls and joined us for fun at the comic shop. A classic "Dawn of the Dead" screening was provided in Buford.

2008 - Oct -
Our "Galaxy Man" comic book efforts continue to gain popularity. An official theme song is created by Radio Cult and our "How to Draw" classes are presented at over 37 locations! Artists continue to gather every Monday in Lawrenceville and commissioned art sales continue to increase.

2008 - Aug 29th - Sept 1st-
Galactic Quest is chosen to run all Collectible Card Games at Dragon Con! With plenty of help from volunteers and past employees, we were able to run over 40 events! Needless to say, fun was had by all!

2008 - July 18th - Batman the Dark Knight opens nation wide and becomes one of the biggest movies in history. Invited to the Mall of GA.

2008 - May 18th -
Artist Social attracts 25 local creators.

2008 - May 1st - 3rd -
FCBD exceeded ALL our expectations as hundreds of people decended upon Galactic Quest in Buford & Lawrenceville to snatch up bags full of Free Comics! The new Iron Man movie is a huge hit! Check out the podcasts!

Atlanta Journal & WSB helped us get the word out!

2008 - March 27th -
GQ in Lawrenceville moves to 481 West Pike Street and doubles in size! It takes almost a full week to move!

2008 - Jan - March -
We await the big move with great anticipation!

2008 - Feb 8th-10th -
Galactic Quest sets up at the second annual Atlanta Comic Expo.


2007 - Dec 27th - We finally sign the lease for our new location in Lawrenceville.

2007 - Nov 3rd -
Our first Magic Grand Prix Trial hosted in Buford.

2007 - Aug 16th & 27th - GQ and 99x host Spider-man 3 & Pirates 3 at the Fox Theater.

2007 - June -
Galactic Quest acquires the awesome Silver Surfer theater display from the Fantastic Four movie. We also begin posting all the cool TV broadcasts that have been done about the stores on our website. Our art classes continue to be a hit at public libraries with about 20 appearances in June and July.

2007 - May 4th - 6th -
Free Comic Book day weekend! It's a huge weekend as Spider-man 3 releases in theaters. Our 4th Artist social brings about 40 people out to network and get inspired.

2007 - April 28th - D&D mini's Qualifier.

2007 - April 21st - We set up at the first Atlanta Comics Exp and sell an amazing 35 long boxes of comics.

2007 - March 17th -
Galactic Quest appears at the Gainsville Mall for the Kids connection. Captain America died in the comics and created a huge media buzz.

2007 - March 3rd -
D&D Unhallowed Prerelease.

2007 - Feb 10th -
Marvel Team up release VS - amazing attendance at our Buford store for our first VS prerelease. 70 people attend!


2007 - December 30th-1st - Galactic ConQuest III offers amazing entertainment. Musical acts Helios, Lost Boys, and Three Quarter Ale perform. Click for pictures of the event. Even with rainy weather, everyone had a great time!

2006 - Oct
- World of Warcraft releases and proves to be the next big game hit! D&D prerelease for Blood War.

2006 - Oct 5th - How do you fit 100 high school students in a comic shop?

Galactic Quest welcomed Bob O'Keefe's marketing classes from Grayson High School. These talented kids learned about how to market their own superhero!

Gwinnett Daily Post reviews exhibit
and Galaxy Man comic!

2006 - Aug 3rd -
Our second artist social is held at the Hudgen's Center for the Arts. 35+ artists gather to network. Our Galaxy Man #1 comic sells out The summer was dominated by Marvel comic's major crossover "Civil War".

2006 - June 11th -
D&D mini qualifier & July 1st War of the Dragon Queen D&D release. D&D miniatures continue to be popular with 20+ people attending these gatherings.

2006 - June & July - Galaxy Man library tour! Our comic is presented to 20 libraries throughout Georgia. These "how to draw" classes continue to grow.

2006 June 1st -
Galaxy Man #1 the comic is published! The local print run of 250 copies quickly sells down and the book is promoted on local TV, radio, and extensively through the newspaper. Reviews are very positive.

Photo gallery now available. Click on image.

2006 June 1 through September 2 - Reaching out to the community, Galactic Quest puts together "A Galaxy of Heroes" exhibit at the Hudgens Center for the Arts. 2,000+ attendees discover over 60 beautiful original art pieces.

2006 - March, April, May
- Our 15 year anniversary is celebrated with a big 50% off sale. Minda Groves joins the store team (march 17) as assistant manager in Lawrenceville. The Galaxy Man activity book is published.

2006 - Feb 17th & 18th Gamers' Marathon returns to GQ in Buford. Anime Atlanta starts meetings in Buford.

2006 - Galaxy Man becomes more a part of our artist efforts. We prepare for appearances, art lessons and a Super Hero exhibit at the Hudgens' Center for the Arts.


2005-2006 New Years! - Galactic ConQuest II attracts 300+ attendees. This convention featured music by "Lost Boys" and "Three Quarter Ale". This convention was a lot of fun and we raised money for CURE. Another high light was the Art Show and game rooms.

This has potential to become an amazing annual tradition.

2005 - Oct 9th -
Our first "Artist Social" is a huge success. We had 30 artists attend and there was plenty of talent. Our new movie screen was also installed, and had quite an impact!

2005 - September 6 & 13 -
Grayson High School visits GQ in Buford. About 100 students from the marketing class help market Galaxy Man.

Duel Masters invitational brings 44 players to Buford!

2005 - Aug - Our new Buford location hosts major game events and attendance hits new records. Duel Masters invitationals, D&D mini's, and VS events are big.

2005 - July 18-22 art
Comic book art classes at
the Hudgens Center for the Arts!

We've been invited to teach over 50 students at the Hudgens Center for the Arts! The students are very talented. Click here for more pictures.

2005 - June 24 -
After weeks of preparation and plenty of help from many of our customers, Galactic Quest in Buford starts doing businsess out of our bigger & better location!
2005 - June -
Batman Begins opens. The new "Daily Planet" Jeep debuts.
2005 - May -
Galactic Quest Upgrade announced! Our Buford store is moving! Star Wars III opens.
2005 - April 25-
Comic art classes at Gwinnett county libraries finishes strong! Jefferson county library had our largest attendance for an art class ever... 40 students!
2005 - April -
Galactic Quest's 14th anniversary! Spring Break's Galactic ConQuest in Lawrenceville has a record setting attendance of 90 gamers at 3am! pic

2005 - Feb & March -
our 50% off back stock sale is a huge success. Art classes at the stores have guest teachers and the library classes are well attended.

2005 - Jan -
AJC's Jon Waterhouse writes about our comic art classes. Gwinnett Libraries invite us back for 8 more "how to draw" classes. Marketing classes at Collins Hill High School features Kyle as a guest speaker. The Galaxy Man project continues to improve.


2004 - Dec - Kyle begins painting more murals and launched a new service, Painted Dreams. Our 11th New Years eve Gamers' Marathon features "Galactic Waffles"! (Buford)

2004 - Oct - As part of Teen Week, "How to Draw" classes were offered at Gwinnett County Libraries. Kyle taught at the Snellville, Buford, Lilburn, & Norcross locations. We held our 10th Gamers Marathon in Buford on Halloween.

post2004 - July 3rd -
Spider-man 2 brings incredible attention to FCBD and Galactic Quest. Mark Brooks, the artist of "Marvel Age: Spider-man" does a signing at our Lawrenceville store along with Chuck Hart (Simpsonizer). Everything is reported in the Gwinnett Daily Post's article "Flying High".

2004 - June 30 -
Kyle Puttkammer as Spider-man is featured on Fox 5's Good Day Atlanta.
June 2004-
Allison Knoch is hired as part time manager of the Lawrenceville store.

2004 - June 4 -
Our 9th Gamers' Marathon returns to the Buford location.

2004 - May 8 -
Atlanta Tonight from channel 69 / UPN filmed a spot about Galactic Quest. The show turned out great and featured many of our Lawrenceville customers.

2004 - April 2
- Our 8th Gamers' Marathon is where we premiered our first ever Fan Film "Galactic Quest the Motion Picture" It was a lot of fun to make and Blake Myers was the director.

April 20 - We relaunched our art class in Buford and Kyle returned as the instructor. The Atlanta Journal did a story on the art class and we revamped the store's mascot from "Kidd Quest" to "Galaxy Man". Creative efforts have begun on publishing his stories.

2004 - March
- Galactic Quest opens a booth at Discover Mills to promote our stores. We continue to pick up new customers as the third competing comic shop in Gwinnett closes this year.

2004 - February 6 - Largest .//Hack tour attendance for local area!

2004 - New Years - We hosted our 7th Gamers' Marathon in Lawrenceville with 55 players at 3am!


2003 - October 10 - Decipher's Lord of the Rings Black Rider Tour.

2003 - Sept 19 & 20 -
A big dream is realized as we host ourcon first ever convention, Galactic ConQuest! Games were the focus of this convention and a fantastic concert by Hill Valley Preservation Society completed the weekend.

2003 - September 8 -
Jami Gross is hired as our new part time manager in Buford.

2003 - September 6 -
Galactic Quest acquires it's second most important Silver Age collection. Highlights include JLA #1,Green Lantern #1, X-men #2-9, and the first appearance of Green Goblin (Amazing Spider-man #14).

2003 - August 23 -
Centennial Park in Atlanta invited Galactic Quest to set up a display during it's Summer Family Fun weekend. Our Spider-man display & tent is a huge hit.

2003 - August 2 -
Admiral Motti / Richard LaParmentier visits Galacticcw Quest and members of the Star Wars fan clubs www.501st.com,
www.ga501st.com, www.hothlantarebels.com & www.vaderpainter.com
Welcome people in costumes.

2003 - May 31 - Galactic Quest attends Atlanta Sci-Fi Summer Con.

2003 - May 26 - GQ Artist Marathon is a great opportunity to draw for the day. Joshua Hood of JLA scary monsters attends along with about 10 other aspiring artists. The 24 hour artist marathon will change formats in the near future.

2003 - May 17 -
Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf celebrates it's Grand Opening and the circus atmosphere brings in plenty of new customers. Brian Stelfreeze signs his new comic "Domino" #1.

2003 - May 2 & 3 - Free Comic Book Day & our x-men 2 private screening are a huge hit! The movie was incredible and Don Hillsman of Crossgen comics did a signing at the Lawrenceville store.

2003 - April 12 - Our entire Silver Age collection sells to Charles Rozanski, president of Mile High comics.

sword2003 - March 28 & 29 - Our first Gamer's Marathon in our Lawrenceville Location. This is our 6th marathon. 75 people stayed until 3am.

2003 - Feb 26 - We welcome our new employee, Elizabeth Rice. Terry McDaniel compiled our first ever "GQ TV". An hour long DVD of all the broadcasts done on the shops.
close Lawrenceville store now in it's New Location!
2003 - Feb 18 -
We acquired our Certificate of Occupancy for our new location and begin doing sales. The new shop is a huge hit. Customers love the easy access and neighboring shops. This kind of high profile location is the realization of a dream I had 12 years ago.

2003 - Jan -
Preparation begins on the new Lawrenceville location. Plenty of delays .


2002 - Dec 31 & Jan 1 - New Year's eve Marathon.
What a way to finish out a record breaking year! We beat our last marathon with 66 players at 3am! It was a New Year's celebration to remember.

2002 - Dec 18 -
Lord of the Rings the Two Towers private screening.

2002 - Nov 1 & 2 - Our fourth Gamer's Marathon brought in 65 people at 3am!
During the Friday / Saturday all day event we had hundreds of players join us for Yugioh, Magic, Lord of the Rings, Hero Clix and other tournaments. Plenty of Role Playing games brought even more players. During our Gamer's Marathon we made the big announcement...
Galactic Quest in Lawrenceville is moving to a better location!
Galactic Quest in Lawrenceville will be moving to the Sugarloaf Parkway shopping center! It's a brand new complex with incredible potential. The anchor store is a Publix, which will be the largest built to date.

2002 - Sept 25 & 26 (Broadcast Oct 19) -
tbsGalactic Quest is featured on TBS for an artist profile on Interact Atlanta. Film crews followed us around for 2 days and documented our lives as comic book retailers. During this time we trained our new employee, Abigail Stom.

- July 28th & August 11th - Silver and Golden age collection sale! For the first time in our store's history we are open on Sunday to sell a special collection of prime stuff. Top books like Daredevil #1, Iron Man #1, and popular character's first appearances (Mary Jane, Batgirl, Poison Ivy etc.) sell quickly.

2002 - July 19 & 20 - 3rd Gamer's Marathon Results
Over $500 in prizes were given out. Paul Reyes won the $150 shopping spree. Horace Howell won the $50 shopping spree. Over 100 registered players with over 50 players staying through the entire night.

Georgia exclusive
Lord of the Rings Prerelease!
2002 - June 15th - Realms of the Elf-lords prerelease in Buford brings 50 players. This was our largest LotR event and everyone had a great time. Richard Deeter walked away with the victory.

2002 - June 10th & 11th - Buford Store New & Expanded!
Huge Thanks go out to Joseph, Zack, Nick, and Morgan for all the help moving from suite 12 to suite 10 (Two doors up, Where the Real-estate spot was). We did it all in just two days. This larger location improves our game room and storage space. It also moves us closer to "Golden Buddha", increasing our exposure.

2002 - June 2nd - The Atlanta Journal Constitution features Galactic Quest and the Spider-mobile on the cover of Sunday's Gwinnett section. The story was about the growing popularity of comics.

2002 - May 27th - Our second 24 Hour Artist Marathon! 16 Artists gather for a wonderful day of comic drawing.

2002 - May 16th -
Here it is again. Star Wars II hits theaters and our private screening sells out. The movie gets mixed reviews but is an excellent addition to the Star Wars franchise. The media hype on this one is much more controlled.

2002 - May 3rd - Spider-Man breaks all the records! Our private screening sells out and the movie does $114 million at the box office. National Free Comic Day is a huge hit the following day.

2002 - April 9th - The Lawrenceville store gets new carpet! The sales floor is greatly increased and new shelves are built with the help of a great group of gamers / Central High School students.

2002 - April 5&6th - 2nd 32 Hour Gamer's Marathon. Tons of gamer's showed up and 40 dedicated players stayed all night! One of our biggest days of the year and it was so much fun we scheduled another one for July.

2002 - March 20th - The Spider-mobile makes is grand entrance. Kyle sold his faithful Honda CRX after 12 years and replaces it with his idea of a "family car".
office office
2002 - March 10th -
The Lawrenceville store gets a MAJOR face lift as the office that separated the game room and the sales floor is removed. With new carpet and a completely different display layout, we're ready for a busy summer.

2002 - February 8th -
With the release of Magic the Gathering's "Torment" expansion, a new tradition in Lawrenceville starts... Friday night Magic.

2002 - January
- The Lord of the Rings CCG is a huge hit and inspires us to support games in a larger way.


2001 - November - Laurel Wike joins the Galactic Quest team in Buford.
2001 - October - Big tournament activity with Magic the Gathering's Grand Prix Trial and Star Wars Reflections III prerelease.
2001 - September - Wolverine's Origin #1 ships and immediately sells out. GI Joe and many other books gain some heat as comics become more collectible.

2001 - September 11th flag

2001 - August -
New & Improved! Both Galactic Quests get new tile flooring! It was a much needed update and the tiles proved to be easier to clean. The stores look much brighter and more welcoming.
2001 - July 19 - Cynthia returns as a full time manager. :)
2001 - June 22 & 23 - Our first ever 32 hour gamer's marathon is a huge hit! Attendance was excellent and plenty of different games were played all day and night.

2001 - June - Star Wars Tatooine expansion, Magic's Armageddon, and Mage Knight's Lancers expansions kick off the summer as school lets out and players flock to Galactic Quest.

2001 - May 14 & 15 -
GQ supports Comic Book Artists and "CURE Childhood Cancer" with our first 24 hour artist marathon! Ten artists drew a total of 90 comic pages all in the space of 24 hours. FOX 5 Atlanta's Brett Martin broadcasts live from our Lawrenceville store as part of his Road Warrior report. The entire experience is fantastic for all the artists involved and they look forward to returning next year. For a full report click here.
2001 April -
Poke'mon tournaments gets new directors (Kirk & Matt) as Michael Beck moves back to Washington.

2001 - February 21 -
Paul Jenkins does a signing at the paul jenkins Lawrenceville store. Everyone had fun and we had a great turnout. Paul is the writer of Spider-man, Witchblade, and Sentry.

2001 - January
- GQ wins "Favorite Gaming Store for 2000" in Decipher's world wide on-line poll. Magic continues to gain popularity with Invasion & Planeshift expansions. Kim Myers comes back to work at the Lawrenceville store.


2000 - November- the Mage Knight game is a big hit! Gaming at GQ continues to grow in popularity.

2000 - October -
Gwinnett Loafing readers choose Galactic Quest as best comic shop in Gwinnett! Our online shopping cart is finally up and running thanks to a great new customer, Richard Method.

2000 - August
- Christy Park becomes our part time manager in the Lawrenceville store. Our web page is updated with a new look and format. Vulkon invites Galactic Quest to host all it's gaming events. The Lawrenceville store gets new shelves and floor layout.

cd 2000 - June & July - Convention season!  Hero's Con is a great time.  Galactic Quest sets up at Dragon Con.  Our booth is a hit.  We featured Marvel comics for $1 each.  customers were amazed at the savings.  July 15th is our X-men movie private showing.  Marvel month moves a lot of our back issues.  Gwinnett Daily features a story on GQ owner Kyle Puttkammer going to Dragon Con.

2000 - April - Our 9th anniversary brings a new tradition...  Monthly Spotlights!  Every month will bring a new sale, free merchandise, and plenty of surprises. 

2000 - February - Galactic Press publishes it's 5th comic "Exclusive Darker". 1999 1999 - December 20 - What an amazing way to end the year!  Galactic Quest hosted an advanced screening of Galaxy Quest the Movie!  It was an awesome show.  Best of all it was Free to all our customers! 

1999 - Summer  & fall - Poke'mon continues to dominates sales.  Never before have so many people been introduced to Galactic Quest.  Best of all we sold packs for suggested retail price while everyone else charged 2 or 3 times that. 

1999 - July 20 - Adam Hughes teaches our art Class.  Galactic Quest also took 1st place in a national competition... The Star Wars Insider's display contest. 

1999 - June 31-July 4 - GQ attends our first Dragon Con and our display looks great!  A huge success and a lot of fun. 
1999 - June
- Galactic Quest becomes a great source for the runaway hit card game Pokemon.  We hold our first Poke'mon day.  Ben Parrott (longtime employee) leaves for Texas after years of faithful employment. 
1999 - June 5
- Private showing at AMC18 and costume contest are a huge hit! 

We thank the following companies for covering our events...
- Channel 5 (Tom Corvin)  
- Channel 5 (Toys R US) May 3 Morning, Noon, & Evening 
- Channel 11 (May 12) 11pm news 
- Creative Loafing (Cover - May 12) 
- Atlanta Journal Constitution (May 17) 
- Channel 5 Good Day Atlanta (May 18) 
- Cross promotions with "Dave & Busters" in Gwinnett. 
- Star 94 with Steve & Vickie (May 18) 
- Channel 5 Live broadcasts from AMC Phipps (May 18-20) 
- 790 the Zone (May 20)
1999 - May 19 - Star Wars Episode I opens nationwide and Galactic Con*Quest begins!  Our private showing on May 22 sells out. 

1999 - May 17 - Kyle is chosen as Fox 5 & Star 94's Star Wars Star Correspondent!  Galactic Quest gets incredible coverage on Channel 5 as we broadcast live from AMC's Phipps theater.  
1999 - May 12
- Tickets go on sale for Star Wars Episode I!  Our customers wait in line and John Olvey is the first to buy a ticket from AMC 18.  Jennifer Lesslie from Channel 11 does an excellent story on Kyle Puttkammer, owner of Galactic Quest.  Creative Loafing's cover features Galactic Quest. 

1999 - April 29 - Kyle, Cynthia, & Andrea  go to the Star Wars Celebration in Denver.  A great time to make contacts and prepare for our own Galactic Con*Quest. 

1999 - April 20 - Tom Corvin from Channel 5 news visits the Lawrenceville store. 

1999 - March 26 - Beth Kennair is hired to help out in Buford as the Star Wars Prequel promotion grows closer. 

1999 - March 20th & 21st - Vulkon invites Galactic Quest to host all gaming activities at their Marietta Star Trek convention.  The entire event goes very well and future GQ conventions get a name... Galactic Con*Quest!  Special thanks go to Ron Quinn for the great name, and to all those who volunteered to help Demo the games.  

1999 - January - Jared Hamilton takes over art classes from Allen Belk for the Lawrenceville store. 

royGALACTIC QUEST FEATURED  ON CHANNEL 5 NEWS!!!jeff 1998 - November 19th - The trailer for the Star Wars Prequel was released in theaters.  Many people were going to the movies just to see the trailer!  Channel 5 wanted to interview some fans, so they came to Galactic Quest during one of our first Thursday night tournaments.  They showed the trailer LIVE at our store and got LIVE reaction from our customers for the 10pm news.  The broadcast went very well and brought us hundreds new customers.  We would like to thank channel 5 for recognizing us as the Largest Star Wars retailer in Atlanta!  

1998 - September - Our web page switches to www.galacticquest.com & a local tournament ranking is introduced. 
1998 - May - Karen Greene becomes our first full time employee.  This provides the much needed help as both stores continue to grow and better serve our customers throughout Gwinnett & Atlanta. 

1998 - April 25 - Galactic Quest expands to the internet.  The Star Wars Jabba's Palace Pre-release tournament is one of only 19 in the world and is held at the Buford store.  40 players attend.

1997 1997 - December - Kim Myers becomes our first part time employee in Buford.  She is a great addition to the team. 

1997 - September - Galactic Quest in Buford opens!  With only two weeks to build shelves, create displays, and move product, we open on time.  Customers greet us with great enthusiasm.  Cynthia Puttkammer works hard to make our second store tant success. 

1997 - June - Decipher sponsors their second tournament at Galactic Quest.  A familiar looking Batman is seen at AMC 18 as Galactic Quest - Bat Fest strikes again!  

1997 - February - "the Empire Strikes Back" & "Return of the Jedi" greet us with the same success!  Our private showings sell out and for Jedi we promoted the store at the AMC in Lawrenceville and at the Phipps Plaza in Atlanta.  Our promotions gain fame throughout Gwinnett. 

1997 - January 31 - The return of Star Wars!  Galactic Quest makes history!  Our movie promotion makes it on the evening news and front page of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Over 300 of our customers pack the AMC 18 theater to see a private showing of the Star Wars special edition.  Thousands are introduced to Galactic Quest through costumed stormtroopers, a giant x-wing, R2-D2, half price sales, card tournaments,  advertisements, free food, trivia contests, and many other festivities!  This was by far one of the biggest days in our history. 


1996 - November 23
- Decipher, the makers of the Star Wars card game, comes to Galactic Quest.  50 players pack into the game room to compete! 

1996 - May 18 - The first Star Wars card game tournaments are held.  These soon become famous and the Collectible Card Game market becomes a big part of what we do.  Tournament attendance grows and so does "Open Game Night".  Neal Weaver & Jessica Napier join the team. 


1995 - June
- The "Galactic Quest Bat Fest" is a huge success!  The store's sales floor space is dramatically expanded.  Batman Forever brings many new customers to our store. 

1995 - March - Marvel makes a move to dominate the comic industry through self distribution. This later proves a financial flop and Marvel files for bankruptcy. 1994 1994 - December 10 - Galactic Quest's Art Class is featured on Channel 5's Campus Live.  The 15 minute spot was a highlight in our history.  Galactic Quest promotes the "Star Trek Generations" movie club which was held at Town Center Cinemas. 

1994 - Oct - The art class creates a new store mascot... Kidd Quest.  500 copies of "Ash"#1 are handed out to all the fire fighters in Gwinnett, compliments of Galactic Quest. 

1994 - March - Weddings bells ring for Rick & Marlow of "Incredible Hulk",  Jean Grey & Scott Summers of "X-men", and Kyle Puttkammer & Cynthia Jordan from "Galactic Quest"!  Many of our customers attended. 1993 1993 - July - Galactic Press publishes "Double Time" #1 (followed later by #2) 

1993 - May - Ben Parrott becomes our first part time employee.  Spencer the iguana takes up permanent residence at Galactic Quest. 

1993 - January 15 - Galactic Quest moves to 155 Gwinnett Drive.  With the help of many of our customers the move takes just 2 days.  The new location is a big success! 
1992 1992 - December - Superman #75 makes history as the Man of Steel dies!  New customers discover Galactic Quest and our future looks brighter.  The art class publishes it's first comic through "Galactic Press".  "Genesis" sells about 200 copies locally. 

1992 - September - The first "Galactic News" is published. 

1992 - May - "Alien3" movie promotion at Towne Center Cinemas followed by the even more successful "Batman Returns" movie club. 

1992 - March 30 - Our first art class was taught by Kyle.  It was a huge success and attendance soon grew to 20 students most every week.  Galactic Quest still offers weekly art classes to this day. 

1992 - February -  Everyone asked "is Youngblood #1 in yet?"  Image became an amazingly successful company and sales were up! 

1992 - January 31 - Cards & Comics opens full time and moves to "The Old Railroad Depot" and changes it's name to "Comics & Music".  Richard Gedney, Kyle's new partner,  would share in the work as new shelves were built and stocked.  After 3 months, Richard's product was not selling (Music CD's & tapes) and so he moved out.  I was on my own now.  The store needed a permanent name... something that would define us.  Thus Galactic Quest was born. 
1991 - April - Cards & Comics opened at Britt's Flea Market in Downtown Lawrenceville.  Kyle Puttkammer sold comics while his friend Daniel Cotton sold sports cards.  The "hot" comics that year were X-men #1, Ghost Rider #15, & Silver Surfer #50.  The comic industry was building momentum. 

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