Galactic Quest Loves Kids!

While it's true that comics aren't just for kids, it seems that too many retailers have forgotten that kids still love comics (yes, even with all the video games available to them). At Galactic Quest, we firmly believe that there's a comic book for every child, and that it's important to introduce children to the wonder of comic books as soon as possible. 

As such we have a large area in our stores devoted to comic book appropriate for kids (of all ages).  Here are a few titles we recommend from that section:

Hero Cats vamplets Chi's Sweet Home Midnight Munchkin

 Super Hero Girl Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl Awake Donald Duck

 Grumpy Cat Micky Mouse GotG Princeless Spider-Man

Want to start a subscription for your child (or children)? 

Download this form and bring it into either story or email it to Jami (Lawrenceville) or Sean (Buford).

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