Galactic ConQuest Gamers' Code of Conduct

We have extensive experience with gamers. This is where we address any potential problems. Good conventions have rules and disclaimers. Please read and respect ours.

#1 - "I will show good sportsmanship" This does not mean I will shoot my opponent. This DOES mean that I will attempt to get along with people who are weirder than me. If their skills are inferior to mine, I will help them improve. If they don't know the rules, I will teach them.

#2 - "I will pick up my own trash" Because I realize my Mom isn't here to do it for me. I will also pick up other people's trash, because it makes me a better person.

#3 - "I won't break stuff" Though it takes great talent to do so, I will refrain.

#4 - "I will not use vulgarity" I understand that the convention organizer is the only one authorized to swear. I will never give him a reason to. Galactic ConQuest is intended for all ages.

#5 - "No wepons or outside drinks" This helps us all survive the convention. Smoking is prohibited.

#6 - "I will not argue or raise my voice" I understand that other players have no interest in seeing me embarrass myself.

#7 - "I won't steal stuff" When everyone follows this rule it insures that no one will steal from ME.

#8 - "If I have bad body odor, I will go home and take a bath" I will not wait for someone to tell me.

#9 - "Female gamers are rare" If I hit on them, they may become more rare.

#10 - "I am a guest" We want everyone to have a great time at Galactic ConQuest! It's free to attend. Have fun gaming and remember to support our efforts through purchases from the vendors.


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